Behaviour change

Lifestyle behaviour change for children and families

What is the project about?

An evaluation of a face-to-face and digital weight management intervention (e-intervention) for children and families.

What does this involve?

Working with a technology company providing app and web-based lifestyle programmes for children and families.

What is currently happening?

The lifestyle interventions contain both a digital health (e-health) component, but also face-to-face support groups. Due to COVID-19 some of these support groups have moved to a virtual (webinar) platform.

What does this research want to achieve?

We want to see how acceptable the intervention is to children and families, and also identify any areas of good practice in terms of designing and delivering behaviour change interventions to this group.

Who will find the results useful?

Anyone involved in designing and commissioning health promotion, behaviour change, and e-interventions for individual and group behaviour change.

What is one key aspect of this research?

The lifestyle intervention has been co-designed with children and families. A great deal of insight work has been undertaken on an agile (ongoing) basis to continually redevelop and edit the intervention to ensure it is fit-for-purpose and useful to children and families.

Who is conducting the research?

The research is led by Dr Emma Giles (Teesside University).

Who funded this study?

Gloucestershire County Council.

For more information please

Email: Emma Giles,

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