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Women’s experiences of homelessness and impact on health

**Content/trigger warning: mental health; substance use; domestic violence; abuse**

What exactly is 'hidden homelessness'? And is sofa surfing always safer than rough sleeping? In the third episode of the Fuse podcast, public partner Victoria Bartle speaks to doctoral student Joanne McGrath about her research into women’s experiences of homelessness and the very real impact this can have on health.

The 'Public Health Research and Me' podcast is led by the public partners of Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, to bridge the gap that sometimes occurs between research and public audiences.

Joanne discusses what is meant by 'multiple exclusion', illustrating this with experiences and examples from her own research. She suggests some ways we could identify people sooner who are at risk of hidden homelessness, with reference to substance use, domestic violence and trauma. She explores the role that social networks play and, with permission, draws on the experiences of the Experts by Experience who are involved in her research.

Areas for further research are discussed and Joanne answers the big question: "If you had one message for our listeners to take away, what would it be?" Listen now to find out.

More about our guest

Joanne McGrath is in her third year of a PhD in Public Health based at Northumbria University, focused on health inequalities. The project is funded through the NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR) and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration North East and North Cumbria (ARC NENC). Joanne previously worked at Crisis UK as a Progression Coach and Strategic Partnerships Officer. She has also worked with funding organisations Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief. She was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to travel to the USA and Norway to research better ways of identifying people at risk of chronic homelessness and reoffending.

About our host

⁠Victoria Bartle⁠ is a public partner who has collaborated closely with Fuse and the wider public partner-led podcast planning group in creating the 'Public Health Research & Me' podcast. Victoria has been involved with research from a patient and public perspective since she had to stop working in 2016 due to multiple long-term health conditions. Victoria is passionate about health and social care research, and feels that the input from every public partner makes research more focused and beneficial to all.

Resources and further information

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With special thanks to the Fuse podcast group (Emma Adams, Victoria Bartle, David Black, Cheryl Blake, Mandy Cheetham, Lesley Haley, Fiona Ling, Cassey Muir, John O’Shea, Laura Ritson, Viola Rook, Cheryl Wiscombe), David Winter (editing) and Shaun O'Boyle (training). Produced by Ella Anderson, Fuse Public Involvement and Engagement Manager and Mark Welford, Fuse Communications Manager.

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